The characters

The world of gods and men is adorned with a variety of characters that have their own characteristics, beliefs and motives.

William Dragonborn:- One of the three protagonists of the series, William is one of the last individuals from a near extinct line of nobles that were actively hunted down a hundred years ago by the king. William is a confident, strong, fearless and risk-taking individual. Damaged, alone and broken, he must seek his revenge as his village is burned down by the forces of the king by heading the forces of rebellion. And oh, he can tame dragons.

Rigolous Sol:- One of the three protagonists of the series, Rigolous is a child king forced into this position by the death of his father at a young age. He is Naive, hot-headed and weak, characteristics that he must overcome if he is to ever lead the country. Optimistic, tenacious and fierce, he stumbles upon various situations that he must react to with the help of his Protector, Ragul.

Oskar Ice:-One of the three protagonists of the series,  is the prince  of a militaristic kingdom that values strength above all else. Oskar, however does not possess the strength that the people demand of him, he is physically weak and does not have a high aptitude in magic. However, he possesses an unmatched intellect. Hence he must find his place in a kingdom that stands against him and prove himself worthy.

Kaleno Dio:- The king of the kingdom that William rebels against. He is ruthless in his decisions and rules with an iron fist. He values his kingdom and its people even above family and personal well-being. He does whatever he can to keep order in his kingdom.

Titania Dragonborn:- One of the fiercest dragonborn and the niece of the last lord of house of dragon. She was frozen in time by her uncle before the dragon purge to be awakened by William. She is loyal, determined and passionate. She wants to take her revenge for the dragon purge.

Reyna Dio Sol:- Wife of Rigolous and the daughter of Kaleno. She is ambitious, strong willed and stubborn.  She intends to combine forces with her twin sister to conquer her father’s kingdom as retribution to her forced marriage.

There are dozens of characters that are not mentioned on this list however are equally as complex as the ones mentioned above.