The Books

Wrath of Gods and Men

The second part in the series of Gods and men will take a deeper dive into the characters and the world introduced in the first part.

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The world

The first book in the series- “Of Gods and Men”, is a story set in a world full of magic and mystical creatures. It has its own world with multiple unique cultures to be explored over the span of the series and more.

The characters

The first book and in extension the series focuses around three characters:-




As the world comes crashing down around William as his village is burned down by the prince of Deiosa, the kingdom in which William lives, he must gather himself in order to stand up to the tyranny of the king. William will have to stand strong in order to fight for vengeance for the countless wrongs that the king and his family has committed.

Rigolous has been forced to be a king of Helica, a kingdom that is in between the two other kingdoms, at the tender age of fourteen. He has also been married to a woman ten years older to him according to the wishes of his dying father. The power in that kingdom truly belongs to the council as the power that a king has diminishes. He must, along with his wife, struggle to return the power over the kingdom to the royal family.

Jason is the prince to the kingdom to the north, Lunetta. He has a physically frail body in a world where strength is everything. He must find a place in the military intensive kingdom and prove himself to his father with his wits alone. A lot stands in his way of being the crown prince as his younger brother is the favorite to be the heir. Jason, hence, must do everything that he can in order to be the next king of the kingdom.

Who is this book for?

Mercy of gods and men is a book for those who love fantasy fiction. It is not for children, though as it does have some dark elements and mature themes. It is for everyone that wanted to read a book that belonged to the fantasy genre but found them very slow to read. It is a fast paced action filled book that is sure to not disappoint.

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