img_6941Inspired by his Grandfather’s bedtime stories, Aditya began writing at the age of 5. Before he could even form proper sentences, he had begun creating comic strips with dialogues. So, at the age of 17, he published his first full length novel.

Aditya has spent his childhood travelling and learning about various places and the local cultures. He has always been an avid reader, spending hours on books every day. His admiration for fantasy fiction has grown with every book he read. He has had a keen interest in developing story-lines that involve magic and other fantastical creations. It has always been easy for him to think of new worlds and their systems to build strong characters around them. He gets his inspiration from the fantasy action novels he reads and animated films he regularly watches.

Apart from novels and stories, Aditya also writes scripts for short films produced for YouTube. He has written screenplays for short films that have been accepted in International Film Festivals. He has won awards for short stories at National level as well as International competitions like Common Wealth Essay Competition. Aditya aspires to be a film maker in the long run. He wishes to write scripts and direct films for an international audience.

Mercy – Of Gods and Men is the first of the three books from the series, Of Gods and Men, that Aditya is currently working on.