Today, I want to talk about the feeling of inadequacy. Not the physical kind, that is something most of us can recover (unless you have body dis-morphia or something)  from either accepting it, ignoring it or correcting it. What I instead want to talk about is the one that concerns our efforts and our work. This is a lot harder to overcome.

Nothing that you do will ever feel satisfying. You may discover the cure for cancer, or write the best story of all time but that just won’t be enough. Some people are just wired like this, to always feel that what they have done is not enough and they need to do more a lot more.

It is the mechanism that caused humanity to reach where it has, to always want to push yourself, certainly seems very advantageous. However, it is genuinely very depressing. You cannot enjoy any of your successes in life and people that congratulate you seem to be mocking you. Every-time someone appreciates you, you will not believe it.

There is really no way out of this trap-hole, all you can do is learn to live with it and enjoy life otherwise. Reward yourself after achieving (and not becoming complacent doing that), that is all you can do.


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