The white blank page

“Life is a white blank page for everyone” Astral said as stood over kneeling miserable man “Whether you make art out of it or stain it with blood is up to you”

“Why do you say that every-time?” Marco, the man who was kneeling asked.

“To make those kneeling over realize their mistakes” Astral replied “and it is time you did too”

“Why does it matter if we feel remorse? Our head is about to roll in a few seconds, what will remorse do for us?”

“It is so that your soul can join The god in the heavens sooner than later” Astral announced aloud for all of the crowd gathered to hear.

“What god in what heavens? If there had been a god, we won’t have such massacres! Innocent children crying over their dead mother, villages destroyed, happiness robbed, There is a pillar of bodies out there!”

“Those are bodies of heathens, heathens that occupy our holy land” Astral said condescendingly “they deserve what they get”

“They breathe like us, they eat like us, they sleep like us, they fear like us, they celebrate like us, they are us!”

“Yet they believe in their false god. It is our holy duty to exterminate such vermin”

“I will rather be executed than to fulfill that holy duty” Marco said “Do not extend my agony”

Astral called for the executioner who approached the knelt man slowly.

“You were once my brother” Astral said in a disappointing tone.

“I would rather rot in hell than be called your brother” Marco said as fear flushed over into his eyes. The execution now stood next to Marco “I hope the real god sends all of you to the deepest pits of hell!”

THUD! The axe hit the wood and the crowd gasped.


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