No, I did not flunk school or anything, I am just intrigued by the concept of failure.

It is the fundamental truth that for every victor, there is a loser. So why then are we so surprised when we lose? It is goo to have a fear of failure as it pushes you to your limits in order to succeed but then why is it so hard to accept that you just weren’t good enough. That when you were slacking off, your contemporaries were working hard, when you were hesitant, your contemporaries seized their opportunity.

I do not see failure as the end of this world scenario, while I certainly will try better than my best to not fail but it is truly not the end of my career. I will pick myself up back once more, see where I lacked and run once more.

I think that one attitude is what makes all the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. To be able to take on near impossible challenges, failing, learning from the failure, making it less difficult than before and taking it on again, is the only path to success.

Now there are even those individuals that do not try in the first place in order to avoid failure, to those I say that there is no bigger failure than not having tried and no regret worse than what could have been.

In conclusion, I would like to say an old quote from god knows where ‘Seven times down, eight times up’.


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