The conversation under starlight

“If you could get the ability to see the future, would you?” Raj asked as he looked up to the starry night sky.

“No” Divya replied “while knowing about the future is great and all, I would rather enjoy the moment”

“What is there to enjoy in this moment?” Raj asked “you are stuck with me here in this boring camp that we haven’t even left the camp the whole day, I haven’t even gotten my job done”

“Well look at it this way, I am in your company under the light of such a brilliant sky” she said “We are having intellectual debates, what better can there be?”

“Well, I see your point” Raj said “but wouldn’t you want to see what the future holds, what kind of problems you overcome, what kind of things will you achieve?”

“As I said, I am enjoying this moment” she said.

“Wouldn’t you like to stand by my side as I receive a nobel prize or something?” he asked “Wouldn’t that be great?”

“It would be” she said “I would love to see your dreams realized but you know it does not go well for those who live too much in their dream and forget to live”

“I understand your point” Raj said “But you know with you gone, I have nothing to focus on but my dream”

There was silence on the other side.  He looks towards her, she has her arms open inviting him to hug her.

He prances on to her but can get hold of nothing but air.

He bursts into tear as he looks down at the urn that had been there all along.



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