Fatal flaw

Every hero in the traditional sense has a fatal flaw. one innate quality that they cannot ignore and may be the reason behind their downfall. This quality is essential in order to create interesting characters for your story. As it provides a chink in the armor for our character that can’t be covered no matter what happens to pass.

However, this is not something that only exists in the pane of fiction, real humans have it too. Now there may be no psychological proof behind it but knowing that real humans have so many faults in their characters, it isn’t far fetched to think that there is a fundamental flaw that cannot be overcome.

As my exams inch closer day by day, I have enough empty space in my head (cause we all know nobody uses their brains during their school exams) to think deeply about my own character. I have understood that my fatal flaw is of loyalty.

I become too loyal too fast, I trust too easily and I am willing to go to war for those whom I trust. I can’t even count how many times I have put down my own work in order to help a friend. How many times I have left occasions that might help me climb the social ladder because I saw a friend lonely.

It even leaks into other facets of my life, If I like the music of one band or singer, I will stay loyal to them forever. If I like a story, I will research all the details that I can about it to the point of obsession. I guess the reason why I am an author is because I am this fiercely loyal to everything.

So, now I pass on the question to you, What is in your mind, your fatal flaw?


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