End of the world: Artificial intelligence

It’s 2019, The resistance fight back desperately as they run for their life in the dark cover of the night. Our robot overlords step on the skull of our fallen as they continuously shoot at us neither feeling pain nor feeling remorse.

We have explored the concept of man made machine take over us as their slaves since the beginning of science fiction itself. It embodies our fears that have been ever present since the first steam engine moved without human or animal effort.

Now, most science fiction explores how the machines would come together under one faulty AI which deems humanity unnecessary and purges humanity. Now this is not very likely to happen but regardless, the most intelligent individuals of our society have signed a contract to not develop artificial intelligence  beyond a certain point. We have been spared from this fate because of these individuals. Nobody knows how fast AI would have developed, had this contract not been signed.

Instead the real threat is that of the fact that robots are superior to us in every ways. Their skin would not burn if they approach hot zones, they can quickly take the most efficient decision, they can do all the grunt work in seconds. Slowly but surely, robots are replacing us in almost every sector of work, even jobs like administering the robots or repairing the robots.

This would mean that as our population increases, the number of jobs that are available decreases. The richest of the richest, the enterprises and the artists will benefit boundlessly but for anyone else and everyone else, technology is soon to become a curse that we can do nothing about.

But technology solves a lot of problems and in order to solve more problems, technology will have to get more complex and order to ease the load on people, artificial intelligence will have to become better. And here in lies the dilemma, if we have to solve more problems that humans face and make our lives more comfortable, we will have to develop these doom machines even further.  In order to make a better world, we must play with the chance of the end of our world.



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