End of the world: Global warming

Most educated individuals believe that global warming is actually happening. Some of them don’t believe that it is caused by human’s. Yet still, the majority of educated individuals believe that global warming is man made and is harmful to our species and other species around us. But still, what most people believe is that it is a problem that our descendants will deal in the future, what they don’t know is that it is affecting us right now.

Now, I don’t mean to fear monger on this but unlike other ways that this world could end in, I would be talking in present tense. Islands have already started sinking underwater, the Maldives are set to drown within the next decade, parts of Florida, U.S. are already under water, migratory birds and insects have been misplaced and been driven to near extinction, we are losing glaciers at an alarming rate, the number of floods is increasing, heatwaves during summer is killing people around the globe, need I go on?

On a similar note, deforestation is causing many species to go extinct at an alarming rate, causing many scientists to call it the sixth great mass extinction.

So what is the solution? Scary thing is that there is no easy solution. Most companies and governments want you to recycle your waste, reduce your electrical and car usage and planting trees. While you should be doing these things, it is not the solution, it is only going to affect global warming as much as a lotion might to a third degree burn. What needs to be done is a complete overhaul of our lifestyle. We need to shift our economy from a fossil fueled based one to a renewable source one, then replace our oil based cars to electric based ones, we need to stop using products that cause deforestation like paper and palm oil (look it up), we would need to stop eating red meat, drink milk or any dairy product, discover ways to farm efficiently on small land, reforest forests and obviously control our population.

Seems scary and impossible? Well it is but what can you do? In the coming years, we would need to try and ask for most of these things, in order to slow it down and buy time for our space programs to terraform mars or something. Oh yeah and we would have to put a lot of our money into space programs for this exact thing.


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