end of the world

Feeling a little morbidly curious? Well, today’ topic is about the end of all humanity, so I think that should keep you covered.

So how do you think our species will meet it’s end? An asteroid would hit us? A super massive volcano will erupt?  Aliens attack and destroy us? A virus destroys us? Or are you optimistic and think that humanity will end by evolving into another species which will then evolve into another species until the heat death of the universe?

Well, all those events are relatively unlikely. You and your descendants will most likely be safe from that. What will end us in reality are most likely our own creations. Poetic isn’t it? We will most likely craft our end.

Take your pick.

Global warming (dare you to deny it you horrible being), artificial intelligence, nuclear war, world hunger due to overpopulation or genetic modification.

All of these are things that all deserve a post of their own, and whatever, this is a series. Everything listed above will be explored deeply in their own post.

Will see you there then.


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