Why do we need stories?

Although most people enjoy movies, games and/or books, there are a few individuals who believe that there is no point to storytelling. It is not curing cancer or flying us to moon, why is there a need to consume any kind of a story, it is for the most part a waste of time.

To those people, I say, they do not understand how the world works and haven’t clearly experienced a great story.A great story has the ability to move people emotionally, question their reality, bring a change in their life, give them a reason to continue to exist, inspire innovations and of course entertain.

Harry Potter, although admittedly is not the best series of books or movies out there, has defined the childhood of millions of people throughout the world. Taught compassion, warned against greed, defined the meaning of love, captured imaginations, and defined a sense of morality that people have prescribed to since the first time they saw Harry receive his letter from Hogwarts. No matter how much you dislike the books or movies, you can’t deny the impact that it has had on the culture of this world.

Stories can inspire future technologies. For example, star trek inspired the creation of the first cell phones. Would they have been invented regardless? Definitely. But would it have been so early and by the same person, probably not.

Stories reflect our greatest feelings and show the culmination of our culture. They give voices to those who lack the voice, purpose to the defeated and love to the lonely. We all have memories of some or the other story affecting us in a way that we were never the same again.

So why consume stories? Because without it, there is no meaning to life. Because everything is a story, from a lie to that trip you took a while ago to how people sent the first men to moon to of course star wars and lord of the rings and catcher in the rye and harry potter and fight club and your skyrim play-through. There is something to be learnt from all stories.


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