Helping a fellow aspiring author

Recently, I had the pleasure of making acquaintance with a fellow author. He was, unfortunately, a lost soul.Helping him in any way was my pleasure and my honor.

It all began with one post, in a writer’s group on Facebook. In the post, he said that he was not a fluent speaker of English as it was his second language and wanted to be an author despite that. He asked for any advice for it.

I just commented something about reading books and practicing writing. You know the standard response. His reply surprised me.

He blessed me for my response and thanked me for my kindness. That has never happened before, in my eighteen years of my life, nobody has ever appreciated me as much as he did for one comment. And then he sent me a friend request. Which I accepted because I do not close my doors on anyone seeking my help. And hence began our correspondence.

I gave him a detailed explanation on how to get started on being an author. When he randomly told me about his past and how his girlfriend deceived him and left him. I was confused at first and then saw it as an opportunity to seize and gave him an advice along the lines of using the pain to be better at writing. He agreed and to end the conversation, he said ‘Thank you very much Aditya , may you zoom and boom…May you get every happiness’.

I have never seen someone so different in my life, maybe that is because of his culture, he lives in Kashmir, nice place you should visit, or maybe he just is that different.  But that was just the first of our many conversations, all of them are a story worth telling on their own but right now I only have time for one.

This is what excites me about being an author aside from writing itself. you get to meet interesting people that teach you a lot about life.




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