what I stand for

As I was researching about book promotion throughout the vast expanse of the internet, I stumbled on a YouTube video which had quite an interesting way to do so.

The video said that as an author, you have to have something you stand for. Some part of the human condition (or natural condition) that your work embodies.

Hence, with the forced writer’s block that I put myself through, I have figured out what my book and in extension I stand for. There are two aspects to it:-

War and its effect


I use all the tools at its disposal to try and make the readers understand the world in which the wars and other subsequent happenings are set in. So that the reader can truly grasp the effects of war on this world that I have painstakingly constructed and the characters that I have made the readers like.

How do intend to make the readers like my characters you ask? I have constructed complex identities for each and every one of them. My books emphasize on the point that no one is purely good or purely evil everyone has motivations that may conflict with other characters, creating narratives that make certain individuals look evil.

That is what my books are about, a complex winding down of events that may traditionally be shown as a conflict between good and evil, and justifying all actions.

To quote Oscar Wilde ‘the truth is rarely pure and never simple’


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