the darkness within

On one fine day, a boy walked down the long corridors of his school.
It was a place where he hoped each day would be a happy one. Some days were when people paid attention to his miserable self and others, well they just weren’t.

Just holding one conversation in one day seemed to make him happier than a spoiled brat getting an expensive car for his sixteenth birthday.

On the way to his destination, he encounters two people from his class who although largely ignoring him, give him a nod. He smiles back at them.

“What is it today that makes you happy?” asks one of them.

“Well” the boy tries to reply “the weather is fine and I had a good night’s sleep”

“Okay” says the other moving on not paying heed to what the boy had said.

Another failed attempt at conversation. This saddened the boy to no extent.

He took another few steps in the dark gloomy clouds that surrounded him. It had been four years in this school and yet he had failed to make any friends.

Then came his seeming friend who sometimes acknowledged him and nothing else.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“The ceiling” the boy joked trying to get his friend’s attention.

His friend just shook his head and moved on ignoring the boy with the poor sense of humor.
That was just the boy’s way of pleading for help from a familiar face and yet he got none.

one would think that after four years of similar incidents, he would have gotten used to this and yet he didn’t. that was the most painful part that no matter how many times this happened  it still hurt the same painful way it had the first time.

For the first year in the school, he had all the friend he could get. Come the second year, everybody abandoned him realizing how little the boy tried to keep his friends.

Finally, he arrived at his destination which was a solemn and empty room which was seldom visited by other students or teachers.
He sat on the most obscure seat of the particular class.

Now that he was away from human interactions, he leaned back on the chair and dived into the vast land of his imagination.

It was where he thought up of what happened after the point until which he had previously written. He thought of multiple scenarios that he knew would never happened. It was where he thought of superheroes that no one had thought of before. He thought of what he would do as a leader and how he would make the world a better place. It was where he was happy and where he belonged.  It was his true love, it was the definition of his life.

But first and foremost, it made him truly smile.

Being alone he was able to feel all the emotions that he had suppressed within him. He was able to cry, be angry or laugh.

For someone else he might seem insane but for him, it was the sanest thing to do.

That was when the door opened to let in the girl that he had liked. She was a kind hearted one and made it her responsibility to talk to him everyday. Even if it was just to exchange greetings.

As her eyes moved towards the miserable mess that was the boy.

“What happened?” she asked.

“N-nothing” said the boy wiping his tears.

“Something must have happened, you can tell me” she said.

“I-I can’t tell you” he stuttered.

“What did one of those assholes insult you again?” she asked.


“Then what?” she asked.

“I don’t know why. I don’t know why I cry, there is no reason to. There is no reason to be angry either. I am perfectly fine” he said smiling “I was thinking of a very sad story, yes yes. That’s what I was doing. It was sad enough to make the creator cry then I guess it will sell well. I am happy”
She walked towards him took a breath in and slapped him.

“Stop lying” she said.

She bent forward and hugged the surprised boy.

“It’s all going to be fine” she said.

A couple more tears fell from his eyes.

That was when he realized that he was imagining this and was hugging the air. He laughed miserably and got up to wash his face.

Maybe now that a few tears were out of his system, he would be able to function better.


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