the optimistic view

The majority of people believe that the optimists are naive individuals. After all, most of us are born optimists, we trust everyone and everything, we believe happy and great things will happen but as we grow up and experience life, we change our perspective to a relatively negative one. People who are optimists are seen as people who haven’t experienced these things.

However, that is just not the truth. We all need to be optimists in certain aspects of life for example in professional life and relationships.

Now one of the biggest complaints against optimism is that life is not as rosy as an optimist believes and hence is bound to face disappointment. Well, to that I say that optimism is what will help them overcome the disappointment. Because a realist is also bound to face disappointment and even a pessimist is bound to face disappointment.

Why? Because you are bound to fail at least a few times. the way this world works is the winners are a minority and the losers are the majority.  So hence, you are bound to fail, whatever you do.

At least with optimism, you can hope for a victory a next time. And then with that, you will make another attempt and then another attempt, you will keep attempting until you finally do succeed.

I believe optimism with a slight bit of warranted caution can make you reach great heights.



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