The cynical view

There is an easy way to make people like you more and make longer lasting relationships. It is just a shift in mindset and outlook towards life.

It is to believe that the foundation stone of all friendship is the selfishness of both the individuals involved. There is something that friend a has that friend b needs and something that friend b has that friend a needs. That is how all friendships begin.

Now the thing on offer doesn’t have to be something materialistic. It could be intellectual or emotion or idealistic. Maybe that person has similar views to you but with a slightly different perspective and knowing that perspective will help you grow and that is how you become friends.

Looking at friendships this way will make you think your qualities that you have to offer as product. Then all you have to do is figure out the target market for the product you have to offer and then you advertise it to them.

All relationships begin this way either knowingly or unknowingly. But as the bonds become stronger, they evolve from being a selfish trade to a selfless affair.


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