why I hate exams

I appreciate school and most of the things that it brings with it. Except exams.

In Usa, because they are the loudest people I would know, they rear their children to give standardized tests after standardized tests which do not do anything other than stress individuals out. In India, my country, every school just makes their children mug up their course and then vomit it out on a piece of paper.

Honestly, even in relatively better boards like IB, where the stress is ever too high, exams are still the focus of education.

I believe this exam culture is the bane of learning. Honestly, the things that I have learnt throughout my life are things that I wanted to learn and not because I shoved it into my brain because I had to study for exams.

In fact studying pulls me away from the joy of learning. One of my defining characteristics is that I am very curious. I spend my free time watching natural and human science videos on youtube. I have done extensive research into history and space. I love researching things.

Yet the research that I have to do for school assignments usually make me hate research.

I don’t get the time to enjoy the facts that I do learn from school because then I have to then apply them to predetermined questions.

Exams suck the joy and imagination out of learning. And then the amount of importance that these marks are given is grotesque. Students aged fifteen, eighteen or twenty kill themselves on a regular basis because of the pressure that these exams put on them.

All in all, exams have little to no redeeming factors and should be discontinued. It is an archaic method of measurement of intelligence and are a lazy solution to validating education.


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