The little one: the clever duo

The girl curled in the corner of the street. She had tried to get food for herself by getting into the line but was thrown aside due to the violent crowd.

Now she sat alone and hungry. Her stomach growled.

“Papa, where are you?” she whispered to herself as tears rolled down her eyes.

“Infected individuals get in line!” yelled a soldier.

The people started getting into the enormous line that led them to the camp. The girl did not want to get up, this was where she sat next to her father everyday eating and talking. The only two times she got to see her father.

Almost all of the people that had been on the eating grounds of the camp had shuffled out of it and been driven into their living grounds. From there, the adults would go to work on the fields outside of the encampment and the children would study.

The education was nothing more than a mercy, a stimulus for the small developing minds to wrap their heads around before they would die.  And so was the work, a purpose for the adults to occupy themselves with  before their inevitable mortality.

“What’re you doing?” A girl only a couple of years older approached her.

“I am waiting for my father” the little one said.

“Where did you lose him?” the girl asked.

“He left for work yesterday and did not come back” she replied.

“He is not coming back” said the boy standing behind her

“Be kind!” the girl commanded.

“Why?” The boy asked “your father is dead and he is never coming back!”

“What do you mean?” the little asked as she cried.

“He is in a better place” the girl corrected him.

“Having left you behind!” the boy yelled “adults do that always! They lie when they say they are going to come back!”

“Our mother left us the same way” the girl said.

“So we fight for ourselves and not cry! Crying is for little girls!” He announced.

“She is a little girl!” the girl yelled “I am Ella, what is your name?”

“L-Luna” the little one replied.

“And I am Garry, her brother and protector” he announced.

“We both know who protects whom” Ella said “you must be hungry, here have some food”

She handed Luna a loaf of bread, who snatched it and chomped it up as soon as possible.

“Hey! that was for later!” The boy yelled.

“I think she deserves it” Ella said as she patted Luna’s head before leaving.

Luna followed the two of them into the living part of the camps.



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