the missed opportunity

Today the trailer for a short series for which I was unable to write for came out and it looks good. I had the opportunity to get the role of the scriptwriter but the thing is, I had to keep in contact with the director and write a script according to his vision. And I couldn’t do that.

I cannot write a story in someone else’s vision. I can try but it won’t be as good as a story written by my full control and I won’t be satisfied. So am I glad I got to give that project up? Sure…

It had a lot of production issues, so may be it is all well. But it never hurts to speculate what could have been. I wonder what a story written by me in that particular scenario would have been like. The opportunities I might have gotten. In fact at times, I regret not submitting my own story.

But that is the thing with life, you have to deal with regret, you have to miss opportunities. These things will happen regardless of what you do. So what you or I should do instead of revel in regret is move on and look to the next project.

I have another project coming up. It will be much smaller when compared to the previous project but it is something. I will give my heart and soul to it and in this way you should too.


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