It’ll pass.

Most of the people that I know usually ask me how I am able to stay calm and collected in the face of adversity. Well the reason why that happens is this habit that I have. I take a closer look at the adversity at hand and find out whether something can be done about it or not.

If something can be done about it, then I try to do it.  And If I can’t then, what can you do.

I think in the latter situation, most people panic and lose their sanity, because it is honestly agonizing. So in these situations, I say to myself one thing- ‘eh, It’ll pass’

And in that moment, my problem becomes a lot smaller.

I think we start believing that things in our lives are permanent. When they are not. There are only two constants in the world:- change and death. Every thing will pass.

The shame from rejection will pass, the grief over the death of a loved one will pass, failure will be forgotten and every mental state ever will pass. You just need to have patience and faith that everything will be fine.

I know that is fresh coming from someone whose last post was ‘I hate religion’, but patience and faith can be achieved even without a god figure above you as long as you believe in yourself.

Now, there will be people that go through problems I can’t even imagine, as my life has been quite nice actually, and for some of you the “it’ll pass” mentality may actually cause harm. To those I do not honestly have an answer to. I don’t have every answer in this world. I can just say, wait for your time to take action, look forward to that day, relish it and then strike when the iron is hot. Once you have escaped whatever hell you are going through, be prepared to move on. Seek psychiatric help in order to help you move on.

Why? Because nobody deserves hell.

And remember, it will pass.


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