why I hate religions

Alienating people once more, aren’t you? Well, there is a reason why I write this.

What exactly is religion? It is a bunch of drug induced stories trying to explain how most things work. These are unfounded explanations that were made by a few people over time thinking of how the world works. That is why there are so many religions, because people view this world differently from each other. `

Which is why it perplexes me that people are willing to kill over it. It is just some person’s imagination, from my point of view, religion is no different from fiction. Imagine Star wars fans trying to kill star trek fans because they can’t agree on which is better.

Now with this, I do not mean to say that a god or any other higher power does not exist, it might as well, I do not know. But what gives us the right to try and imagine it? What proves that your religion has any validity?

This is an argument that i rarely see brought up. What kind of god would alienate its people? Now don’t go on saying something like my religion does not alienate or discriminate, shut up it does! every last religion does.

We hate each other on the basis of someone’s imagination from thousands of years ago. We oppress each other on the basis of an outdated value system. Religions were nothing but political tools of conquest that us the conquered have gobbled up since then and continue to do so.

It is time that we stop trying to let these oppressive conquest machines based on a value system from thousands of years ago oppress us and divide us and unite under one religion:- humanity.




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