the little one

The little girl sat next to her father trying to eat. She couldn’t properly as she did not know how to do so. After all she was just five, a mere toddler who knew how to articulate her feelings.

Her father looked at the failed attempts of his daughter trying to pick up the noodles by the plastic fork that she latched on to so tightly.  He held her hand, helping her in trying to eat. He rolled her noodles into a manageable bite, she looked at her efficient father with wonder.

after eating a couple of the morsels of the noodles, the girl pushed her plate away in order to give it to her father. She knew that this was the only food that either of them would get in the whole day.

The father chomped down the food as quickly as he could and stood up. The girl followed suit. He dusted off his pants and the girl did the same.

The father held his daughter’s hand and helped her through the tough terrains of the camp that they resided in.

“Move!” yelled the soldier who stood as a sentry “into the line!”

The couple rushed into the converging line of humans that led them to the residential district if one could even call it that.  It was just a line of tents allotted to families. The pair made it through the various tents until they found theirs:- 2712.

The girl huddled into the ten and lied down. the father peered in and smiled.

“I’ll be back” he said as he fished into his pocket and procured five dates and handed them to her “have these only when you are hungry”

with that, he left and never came back.


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