Writing process: booklaunch

Now, all authors have this image in their head for book launches, in which they stand facing a huge crowd of eager fans talking about their books and signing a few of them. Now, since today was my book launch, I can tell you it is nothing like that.

My booklaunch was just a few of my friends standing in a crowded bookfair taking photos and talking about my book to try and stop whomever I could and to persuade them to buy my book.  You will probably not even get that book fair. Honestly I was lucky as hell that I stumbled upon a book fair full of people with decision fatigue from deciding between all those books, it helped me sell a lot.

I got to sign my books and it was great. However what really made my day was a girl who came into the stall looking specifically for my book.

“Did you see mercy of gods and men” she said as she entered, picked it up and left. The stall was full of classics and bestsellers and they entered this shop specifically for my book. That moment alone justified me spending so much time writing my book.

So, my advice to you: do not expect grand parties with wine and ball gowns in your honor especially if it is your first book. If you do not expect too much, ask strangers to buy your book and somehow stumble upon an overcrowded book shop, you will sell a lot more than you expected.



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