When you finally feel like an author

Two full years of slogging, three months of begging and a couple of months of spamming later, I finally got to see a glimpse of the greatness that may await me.

Today was the day, I went to the world book fair in Delhi, pragati maidan, the largest book fair in Asia. And they aren’t exaggerating, everywhere you look are large mountains of  unique books, books from all over the world, full of hopes and dreams of authors.

When I arrived, I felt hopelessly outmatched. What was I, the author of one single book, in comparison to the thousands of great souls that had been imprinted on pages of these books?

Which is all the more reason why I am proud to say, that my book sold every last copy that was on stock from my publisher.

Sure, they only supply the store with ten books a day but all ten books seem to sell out every single day. That is a huge deal to me, knowing that there are thirty people now owning my book aside from friends and family. I didn’t even know how to respond to this…

So my mother responded instead, she ordered eight copies that were lying around in my car and gave it to another seller. In this shop, I signed every last copy that I gave them. So in case you need to buy a signed copy of my book, then you can go to this fair in hall no. 8.


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