why I love historical fiction

One of the most fascinating things for me is history. It is intriguing and enchanting. Why? Because history usually recounts great events and grave mistakes, from which we can always learn. Every kind of inspiration for a story can be found in history. It is literally everything humans have ever done and ever written, there has got to be a lot of entertaining and educational things in there.

so then, what happens when history combines with fiction? It becomes all the more better. One of my favorite way to learn is to read the historical fiction book an compare its events with reality and how accurate did the author depict the story. It becomes a good hunting game.

You can get lost in the lives of great men and women standing up to the societal norms, fighting or even stopping wars. It is always enchanting to see the rise of a great personality from relative obscurity to the greatness we know them to have.

Aside from that, there is something very enticing about realistic depictions of wars and great men in their to scale cities and castle. Historical fiction can offer that and more and. that happens to be why, it is my favorite genre to read.




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