why I love fantasy

Well, fantasy is the genre I write in, even though I haven’t read that many book of the genre, mostly because most books that look like they are fantasy usually turn out to be thriller or historical fiction (not that I have any problem with either of those). I love reading fantasy books and I love watching fantasy, even though there aren’t a lot out there and I definitely love writing fantasy.

Why though? What is so strangely satisfying about fantasy that moves me so much?

The reasoning behind that is the characters, the world, the lore and sometimes the magic. All of that is so unique in fantasy, it is the purest form of imagination, the purest form of story-telling. In most other genres, the authors usually get too caught up in trying to keep the story realistic that they forget to tell a good story. In non-fantasy books and movies, the fan can complain about the scientific and sociological possibilities of an action but fantasy is not bound by that.

You can even begin your story with the protagonist fighting a man who has a oyster shell for a mouth and hands for wings while mid-air and nobody will question that.

you can also indirectly commentate upon the problems of real life through the problems that the world and the characters face in the story.

Above all of that, you can create a whole world with its own rules of physics and society, with its own history and its own culture. The fans can then talk about its history, lore and how the magical element in the story works. And I am a sucker for stories around which that can happen.

When you have a rare breed of fans that have become experts on physics and history of your story’s universe, that is when you have succeeded as a fantasy author.

With fantasy, the possibilities are endless and that is what I love about it.


One thought on “why I love fantasy

  1. That’s why I love fantasy too! Because it’s just an exploration of your imagination and there’s absolutely no limit on it. And even you’re reading it and the images appear in your head, you don’t question their abnormality; you just accept it and move on.

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