Why I love anime

Anime, once upon a time, used to be a small niche of a market outside of Japan, not a lot of people knew about it and most confused it with the American cartoons. But now things are changing, people at the very least know about it nowadays mostly due to the widespread use of the internet.

Now, why do I love something that either is too childish or too kinky? Because those are the extremes that are the most noticeable and easy to target, what anime is instead a huge industry, with a variety of genre encompassed within it. From the well known and critically acclaimed studio Ghibli films to the sort of intellectual shows like Death Note, Code Geass and steins Gate to violent yet fun gangster anime like Buccano to the action wacky yet mature anime like One Piece. Honestly, there is an anime for anything.

I believe anime is what realizes the true potential of animation, it is something that doesn’t just pander to children, it does not hold your hand like the western cartoons and respects you as an individual. It realizes the fact that animation could be used for various types of audience, it is one of the only ways where you can completely unleash your imagination even at a lower budget.

Personal story: during the 2014 summer break, I had broken my arm and I was unable to do the majority of my school work or basically anything for six whole months. In these times, I lost touch with my friends and was unable to write my book. I was bordering on depression, I had no reason to wake up until I found one piece, an anime with about seven hundred episodes at the time. Then I awoke only to watch one piece, twelve episodes a day. I was enchanted by this world, it made me come back to it every day. It inspired me to try and make the world in my own novel all the more complex.

So I can easily say that One Piece, an anime changed my life like no other fiction in the world could have and I will forever be glad that I got to see such a wonderful anime.


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