A Quote from Mercy of Gods and Men

When William- the protagonist had to lead an army to a battle, he gives this speech to his army:

“Your family and your friends had not chosen to leave you, but they have, as is the life we live in. If we live in this world, we must always be ready to go to the next. And so they have. And left us behind. Those who leave us and those who are left behind belong to two different worlds now. I am sad too, I lost my family too, I have lost my friends too- if ever I had any- I have lost a great deal many things, yet I haven’t lost my will to live. If life is a fight, then I will fight, If life is farming then I will farm, if life is just a wait till we move on to the next world, then I will make that wait worthwhile. There is a reason we live, a great reason, that despite so many hardships, keeps us going, all of us have a destiny greater than anyone else’s. And we will not throw it away. All of this has happened to make us stronger. So later in life, we can walk through a thousand hardships and feel no different than our daily self” William had said “Stop mourning for those who have left, we live a world where we must live on despite these losses. We must always keep walking and carry the wills of those who have left us”


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