the last few momments

As I spend the last few moments of this year, about fifteen minutes to be precise, I realize something. While, most people would be out there celebrating their night away, I sit here in front of my laptop screen just like I had spent most my year but I am not sad.

In normal circumstances, I would have felt miserable, that I don’t have friends to talk to in this moment, that I have nowhere to be but somehow, this time, it doesn’t affect me whatsoever.

I realized that I am good alone. Give me internet connection, so that I can watch a few people do a few stupid things or try to explain something to me or a Netflix account on which I can watch movies and tv shows, give me a few books and I will be good. Except to acquire the things that I desire, I do not really need people. I don’t need social gatherings or anything like that.

Now I have said this a countless times before but almost all of those times, I feel a part of me not agreeing with me but this time, every fiber of my being agrees with me.

With this year, I leave behind the arbitrary need to socialize.


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