2016: a year in review


A rocky road for sure. It was a year that most considered one of the worst.

A lot of whiny people found their lives becoming worse than the year before, trump became president, the Indian demonetization happened, global warming reached its all time worst,  a lot of celebrities died, the crisis in Syria continued and a lot of terrorist attacks happened.

Most people would say that it was easily their worst years, whether they are just messes or they are people that genuinely faced horrible things in life, it doesn’t matter. For me, it was the best year in my life easily.

I began this year as your average loner who has little going on for him, to an established author with a blog and a scriptwriter with a short movie already to his name. However what changed the most was my attitude.

I started viewing this world differently and started viewing myself differently. I discovered so many positive things about myself. I changed so much for the positive all the while remaining the same at my core.

So, every time, I see a post about 2016 being the worst year of ‘everyone’s life’, I just laugh at that post and move on.


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