Writing process: World building and what to do

As we have established before, world building is important. So how do you do it? Well I am going to tell you, so buckle up and get ready cause it might be a fun journey.

If you are basing the world in your home-town then it is quite easy frankly. You just pt n the culture that is there and the places that you visit. You can just go around your town and write the descriptions of the places down. Easy.

Difficulty comes when you base your book in a place that isn’t your hometown. You will have to research the place and their culture, history, you will have to look up their maps and the photos of different places. Look at those pictures and try and imagine your characters there as you note down how to describe it.

All of that is well and good but what about books that rely heavily on the world building, like High fantasy or Sci-Fi. What do we do with those?

Well you make shit up. Not completely made up, you have to base your world on something or the other from the real world. Or if you want to make something from scratch, you will have to make it plausible. So you will have learn a bunch of things.

Here is the list of things that you must learn in order to build a world:




city planning


a bit of law

so once you have studied all of this (only the basics), you can start building the world. You will have to design your cities, you will have to design your country, you will have to write its history, make culture, make language, make laws, introduce your variation of magical realism, introduce the power structure of the place and define the economic situation of the world.

You know the simple stuff.

All of this will be elaborated on later on in later posts but as of right now you have to remember one thing:- it has to make internal sense. The characters have to be subjected to the laws, the situations have to be affected by the location, the economy has to be impacted by drastic actions of the hero or the villain and the technology has to be accurate to its time. All of this needs to be done in order for the readers to believe your story and to be entrapped by the world or you could do none of that and entrap the people into a world using complete mysticism, you know how harry potter and star wars began.

How you do it is completely up to you. You are the author, figure it out.



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