writing process- characters

Now that we have gotten all the boring stuff out of the way, let’s get to the stuff that we all signed up for, actually writing the book. But hold your horses. We aren’t quite there yet. You still have to define your characters. This can also happen as you make up the story, but I would recommend that you plan out the important characters beforehand.

So here is what you need to plan:

What do they like and dislike?

What does he do in work and his free time?

What is their favorite food?

What are their motivations?

How do they react in certain situations and what can change their reactions?

What are their relationship with other characters like?

What are their backstories?

And you can then add questions similar to these. You need to know the answer for these questions even if you don’t feature these in your novel, because it helps you think of your character as a living breathing human being as complex as possible. If you can think your character as a human being and not a trope upon which the forces of the plot are acting upon. Complex character do not help you selling your book as much as a catchy plot does but they are who will make your story stick in your mind.

so for a fun exercise, let’s construct a character answering the aforementioned questions.

Name: Martin Rogers (random name)

likes: vintage films

Dislikes: pretentious people

Works: As desk-job worker in Haulosoft( a bit of world building) by day, dragon-slayer by night (no he doesn’t play skirim during night, he actually slays dragons)

Favorite food: instant noodles

Motivations: to make the world dragon-free place for his children to live in and to gain a raise.

Relationships: has one sister who hasn’t talked to him since last Christmas (or this world’s equivalent). Only his sectary knows of his nightly escapades and covers for him in every way she can, their relationship is purely platonic. His boss doesn’t like him a lot because he sleeps a lot during work but can’t fire him because whenever he is awake, he works really hard.

Back story: Had an unremarkable childhood for the most part, accept for the strange visions he kept having, until the hellfire gate opened and spewed out the deadly monsters known as dragons and gave certain individuals magical powers. Martin happened to be one of them. His parents died because of this, making his sister afraid of him. He believes that the root cause of all his problems are dragons and is motivated to slay them all.

Go ahead and comment character sketches of your own, I will be very interested to read!



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