writing process- pre-production promotion

Alliteration, yeah that is the way to emphasize.

This is a process I did not do and failed at. So I really shouldn’t be writing about it but it is said that you can learn more from those who failed than those who succeeded, so I did my research and here I am.

The point of this is so that there is a hype before your book launches, in order to ensure a reader base the moment it is published. The more time you spend on this, the better it is for the book’s sales. I know, all of us assume that our publishers will advertise our books and we all have this romanticized view of being an author, where once we have written our first draft, we will walk into a publisher’s office of our choice and then easily get selected and after that all we have to do is wait and money would shower over us. But well life doesn’t work that way. Since you are most likely a first time author, or an aspiring author, you are not going to get selected by large publishing houses, you will either have to self-publish or get a smaller and much more desperate publisher and in either of those cases, you will have to advertise your book yourself.

Now that we’ve gotten the importance of pre-production promotion out of the way, here is how you do it:-

  1. make a blog  and gain your readership
  2. participate in as many online and offline writing competition as you can
  3. learn where the most avid readers of your genre hang out, not literally, on forums or meetups or other such instances.
  4. Then talk to them and try and sell them your books
  5. Make friends of as many book bloggers as you can, so that they can review your book.
  6. Get to know more influential people (I know it is hard but you have to do what you have to do)
  7. make twitter, Instagram and reddit accounts. Advertise the idea of your book on them.

Pro-tip: do not try and advertise your book on author forums, we are all equally as much in water as you.

All of this can be started any time before you publish your book, although, the sooner you start, the better it is for your book sales. I know Promotion can be the worst part of writing a book but it has to be done. It is half the battle of writing a book. In fact, some books that are written poorly can sell wonders because of great advertising (case and point: fifty shades of Grey).

So get advertising! And I hope I helped.

Next on agenda: actually writing the book (this will be divided into four parts)


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