The swiss army man- an interesting metaphor

Now this isn’t something I usually do, but then again, even I don’t know what I do on this blog but I believe this had to be done. I recently watched the Swiss army man, I know it is a bit late but what can I do, not a lot of legal ways to acquire a movie. Anyways if there was one thing I can say about it is quite interesting and unique.

I was not expecting it to be so good honestly. On surface level, it is a fantastical comedy that takes you on an emotional roller coaster that provides a strange commentary on our society. On a much deeper level, it is a metaphorical journey about self-discovery and self-acceptance.

The tone for the movie is set in the beginning scene of the movie as Hank tries to kill himself as he is stranded on an island alone, he finds a farting corpse of Daniel Radcliffe- the farting representing something that is not normally accepted in the society. The he he uses the corpse and his farting as a jet-ski to get back to the main-land. This scene alone is enough to establish that this movie is not to be taken seriously. Unlike most comedies that are not meant to be taken seriously, it does not break its continuity at every given chance. What I mean to say, comedy should be done like this more often.

Now if I dive into the metaphorical significance of this movie, I would go on for an eternity, so I will limit myself to a few examples. The self-acceptance aspect of this movie is made by a proper arc. The corpse played by Daniel Radcliff could easily be seen as the part of his psychology that he has suppressed due to the society-spoilers from this point- as he talks to the corpse and explores his own life, the corpse becomes more and more alive.  This symbolizes his own personality returning back to him as he explores it in depth. He also talks about society and the countless restraints it puts on him as he explains it to the corpse the same  way an adult does to a child. It makes him question the society and open up ever so little. The more he questions society and the more he accepts himself, the more he likes the corpse. It all culminates into the kissing scene underwater symbolizing, Hank finally falling in love with himself.

So from a self loathing person who wants to kill himself to a person who falls in love with himself despite the negativity he has faced throughout his life, the psychological journey of Hank is highlighted beautifully in this film.

It is a great, although crude at times story about self-acceptance that I believe everyone should watch. Especially the teenagers who seem to hate themselves because of their peers or because of the inadequacies that their parents seem to be dissapointed by.  That is if you can handle all the fart Jokes and jokes about male Genitalia.


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