I don’t know why

I don’t know why I stopped. I was not very successful sure but that has never stopped me before. I am the same person that didn’t quit trying to make friends even when people showed their clear distaste towards me, I kept trying until I got my own weird bunch of friends. I am the same person who kept trying to write a book one after the other even after I knew that some of them were no good, until I wrote a book that actually was good. Heck I am the same person who wrote the article ‘just keep swimming’.

Yet I stopped trying to write more articles. I thought that every post only gave me three likes and one more subscriber. I thought that it wasn’t enough. But what I forgot to think about was the fact that each and every post that I make, incorporates another person into my world. Another life with equally if not more complex life than my own. Even if it is for one person, even if it is for no one, I will keep writing in hopes that my posts will affect someone or the other. That, for an author that is starting out, is more than enough.

Besides, most of the famous creators say that they started with a tiny audience and continued that way, posting every day, even for that small audience, until their creation took off. I must and I will do the same. I will post something interesting everyday or if I am extremely busy, then once in two days. And that is a promise.


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