is anything real?

Today was a strange day. I broke a friend’s psyche by mistake (he is okay guys). It was hilarious watching him lost and contemplating the nature of life.

One of my friends, Let’s call him M., and I discuss everything intellectual, from complex story lines of certain series to science to technology to philosophy. Our level of discussion is something that is not very well understood by a lot of people. Today we talked about the countless theories that tackle the possibility of our reality not being the ‘reality’. As we discussed such theories, another friend of mine, let’s call him A, was eavesdropping on our conversation. Noticing him, M asked him one simple question:-

“Have you ever considered the possibility of the reality just being a fragment of your imagination?”

and he stopped. He stopped walking, he stopped talking, he stopped functioning altogether. We had officially blown his mind.

What ensued after that was the most hilarious day that has ever. A was out of it the whole day, sort of upset. Every time we asked him anything, he said one thing:

“The reason why you are all saying this is because my subconscious mind wants me to think about this”

He looked like he had hit some kind of a revelation. Suddenly everything that happened in this imagined world did not seem to matter. He just brushed everything off as a part of his imagination. For M and I, it was fascinating.

I spent one whole hour in the washroom looking at himself and thinking to himself. He truly started believing that this world was created by him. everybody else tried to tell him how ridiculous he was being and I was the only one who tried to rationally talk to him.

I said things like “you do not know everything in this world, so it is not made by you”

His answer was “All of that is made by my sub-conscious mind”

I asked things like “Then why aren’t you succeeding at everything?”

“My subconscious mind doesn’t want to be successful in that way”

“Then why can’t you control everything?”

“because it is my sub-conscious mind controlling everything”

“Then nothing really is under your control, does it really matter if this world is made by your imagination then?”

Needless to say that blew his mind once again. A now looked more depressed than in power, the way he had felt like before.

Towards the end of the day, we had another conversation.

“You are still in this mood, I told you it doesn’t matter because you can’t control it” I said.

“It is just weird” he said as he looked out of a window with a melancholic expression “I want to see the ‘reality'”

“This is the reality, at least until you live, god knows what happens after death” I said.

“What if death is the only escape?” he asked.

“Well death is the only escape but it is something that will happen a long time after now” I said. I should not have said that, I should not have said that!

“I want to escape this fake reality” he said as he turned dramatically towards me.

That was when I was pulled away by M as he said “he is probably acting to grab attention”

I don’t know what had happened there. Did I make a friend contemplate suicide? Or was he just acting? I did not know. What I knew was that if he really was taking all of this seriously, it was my job to pull him out of it and laugh at it later.

You know what friends do.


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