we are worhless

There are so many people out there in this world. so many that have come and gone. yet we only remember a small portion of them and soon enough even they will be forgotten. Then you must ask, what is the point of doing anything in life? None of it matters. We are worthless. I mean no matter what we do, our efforts are going to turn into dust anyways, why do anything?

These are thoughts that cross my minds every once in a while. They really make me feel small as I am. We are tiny beings on the planet that is as small as a particle of dust in a galactic scale and if we go into a universal scale then it is even smaller than an atom. When the universe is so unimaginably large, then, what is the point of us putting an effort into anything at all?

Every time  I try to comprehend the sheer scale of the universe, a cold tingle runs down my spine. Then a warm thought embraces me. We are not worthless at least to our species, at least to a few individuals who are not worthless to us. We are not worthless, even if our worth on a universal scale is incomprehensibly small, it is considerable to our species and enormous to  those that we love.

Everything we do is not pointless. Why? because everything we do makes something or the other easier for another human. And together we push our society further into a better one, constantly. What we say may affect other individuals who may end up changing the world, indirectly contributing to it or maybe directly changing the world forever.

So if we all keep doing our part, then we will send ripples to the future some way or the other, to affect the world for generations to come. People will carry on your legacy, no matter how minute. You have already changed the world, in a small way or maybe in a big way. So, your efforts are not worthless at all, in fact, they will never be worthless until there is a single human that lives in this universe.


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