Writer’s block

One of the most frustrating things that you feel as an author is a writer’s block. We can deal with rejection, we can deal with insufferable editors and we can even accept the fact that our work is not good enough but what we can’t stand is a writer’s block. It makes us feel useless, delays our submissions and even causes depressive symptoms. Everything in this world starts looking dull and the activities we once so enjoyed feel bland. It may seem mild to those who write as a hobby, they can’t write, they do something else. But to the professional authors, bloggers and journalists, it seems like the worst curse to the mankind. It is overall horrible.

But it is not all bad, contrary to popular belief. It indicates that your brain is tired/bored of what you are doing. Now to professional writers, this is nothing but an inconvenience. But for those who have time, it is nothing short of a blessing. This break that your brain forces upon you gives you time to think about what you are writing. You see, whenever we feel productive, we gain this lens which makes all our work look better than it actually is and a writer’s block generally removes that lens and are able to see our work objectively. Writer’s block can also be seen as an opportunity to change things in your life and your writing style.

Well my experience with the writer’s block is a mixed bag. As I revisit the random musings that I wrote during one of my writer’s blocks, I realise how much of an overly emotional drama queen I was in those days. I wrote extensively about how my life lost all of its meaning and how pointless everything seemed. Imagine a sixteen year old writing deeply about how they have lost all the meaning of their life because of a minor thing. Actually, on second thought, it is not that hard to imagine that. Then everything changed when I read an article while I was studying for SAT no less, about the writer’s block and how it is not that bad of a thing. It said that writer’s block allows you to write and do other things that you wouldn’t have planned before and that gives you a new perspective in your main body of work. This will ultimately end up improving your skill as an author. And I saw the change that Occured once I was done with the writer’s block, my writing quality improved immensely. So much so that even after three drafts of editing, the first half holds no candle to the second half. 

I believe that the effects of writer’s block can be extended to a metaphor representing life in general. We will have dark times, times that will test us and bring us down from the high pedestal we hold ourselves at, times that will dessimate our spirit but because of these times, we will gain a new perspective that will help us be our better than our previous best. 


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