the edge of a new chapter

Only six months remain…

Six months and my world will be turned upside down, I will leave my country and go to a college of my choosing hopefully. I should be afraid. I should be shivering in my boots thinking about all the negative things that could happen. I am still a kid that doesn’t know how to deal with anything in life. I can’t make friends as easily, I can’t make people do my bidding.

Yet for some reason, I feel excited beyond anything I have ever felt before. Not for the parties (never liked them anyways), not for the freedom and certainly not because chances of getting a girlfriend may be slightly higher there than here (honestly my class is a sausage fest for no real reason). I am excited for the new adventure that I am about to embark on. the world is a scary place, yes but that is what makes it exciting.

How will I face those difficulties? I am dying to find out. To what extent will I fail and to what extent will I succeed? Who will I inspire as an author or as a human being? I don’t know and that is what I am excited about.

Most people feel despair when they realize that the world has infinite amount of knowledge and an infinite amount of work to be done but I feel excited because there will always be something for me to learn or do. I am excited about my life because I know that bad things will happen and so will the good things but there will always be something to do. I just hope that at the end of my life, I will leave this world a better place than the one I entered in. I just wish I will be able to change things enough and inspire enough people to matter in the face of the history. I do not care about money, I do care a tiny bit about fame but what I care the most about is that I can matter in the long term.

But as I said I don’t know what will happen tomorow and that is what excites me


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