The magic we possess

I have written a fantasy fiction novel named Mercy of Gods and Men, it is a part of a series which deals with magic and magical beasts. I have written mercy because of my fascination with magic that seemed to surround me as I grew up. When I was five, my imagination was captured by Harry potter and its magical world, I used to look with eyes wide open with a longing to go to Hogwarts. I always wondered “why isn’t the real world as magical as this?”.  Every time I watched a movie or TV show about any show featuring fantastical elements, I wanted to be a part of it.

Then I heard the phrase “reality is stranger than fiction”, so I grew interested in our real world. I invested my time in learning things from history and science. I remember in sixth grade, we learnt about ancient Egypt and all its kingdoms. The place was even stranger than what I had seen in fiction. I taught myself Hieroglyphs and Egyptian mythology (part of it, nobody can learn all of it ever). Then I learnt about the ancient Greek empire and its mythology. Then Roman empire and how similar it was to the Greek empire. Then I learnt a little about medieval England, then a little about the medieval India under Mughal occupations. I leaned about the Renaissance and then the industrial revolution. Then finally  the two world wars. My current fascination seems to be the Mongols(cause they are the exception). Learning about all of this made me see how just the right circumstances and the right words could changed the whole world drastically.

I learned how a single men and women stood against their society and singlehandedly changed their society forever. It was all because of some words that played with the emotions of their emotions. Words can start wars, move masses to do things that they never intended to do, words can move you emotionally, words can save you, create religions, culture, societies and change the word forever. If that isn’t magic then I don’t know what is.

So I then decided to be what I always wanted to be:- a wizard and I learnt from wizards of the history on how to be great at. I haven’t really arrived there yet, I am yet still an apprentice but now as a wizard (author), I intend to affect all my readers on an emotional level and eventually when I become good enough, change their lives forever. And I hope you learn to use the magic within you.


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