mysterious knight 2: the tormented boy

The knight awoke the next morning as the sun rose. He quickly dressed into his Armour and set out for an aimless stroll.

Hexia (where he was staying that night) was a beautiful city. It was the second largest in size after Delos (the capital of the country). The houses in the city enjoyed intricate architecture pleasing to the eye. Vendors and merchants sold their wares without restrictions. It was an economic powerhouse.It also had enormous gardens  that housed great structures dedicated to the godly beings that resided in the city: dragons. One flew over the knight’s head at the moment he left the tavern.

Magical creatures they were. Reflecting the sun’s rays from their brilliant scales. These magnificent beasts were all ferocious and deadly. So much so that only a hundred of them were needed to defeat all the known armies in the world.

The knight walked through the already crowded streets, thinking and appreciating the beauty of the lanes in the city.  He hummed a tune to himself, a tune known to no other soul but those who were fortunate enough to hear it as he passed through the streets, felt a strange sense of calm.

As he walked, he noticed a boy, who seemed no more than ten. He carried three heavy bags that seemed too big for him. Yet he sternly marched on ignoring the pain that his body seemed to be feeling.

Interested, the knight approached the boy.

“can I help you with that young one?” he asked.

“Go to the field of the damned, I know your kind. You take my bag trying to extend help and then run away with them” said the boy angrily.

“Well, at least you will tell me what is in that bag?” the knight asked.

“None of your damned business!”

“Well, then I shall walk with you to protect you” said the knight.

“Buzz off”

That was when the pair was stopped by three unkempt soldiers.

“Your weekly tax” said the soldier.

The boy reached into one of his bags and pulled out a fistful of vegetables.

“all I have to spare” the boy said.

“You have three bags, some carrots and greens are not going to cut it” said the second soldier.

The boy reached back into one of his bags  and pulled out more vegetables.

“Actually you can keep the fistful of vegetables, we are taking thee rest” said the first soldier.

“No you are not!” the boy yelled.

The third soldier kicked the boy in his stomach making him fall. He left the three bags as he clutched his stomach in agony.

The second soldier drew his sword and proceeded to strike the boy but he was stopped midway by the knight’s sword. The knight swung his sword up pushing the soldier back.

“this one is strong” said the beaten soldier.

the other two soldiers drew their swords and charged at the knight at once. The king dodged one soldier’s swing while blocked the other. He then kicked the man whom he had blocked  on the side of his torso. It was enough to incapacitate the man.

The man that he had dodged attacked him from his back, a blow that he blocked from his bare hand. The knight looked the soldier in the eye. This made the soldier feel weak enough to fall on his knees and then fall face first into the ground having fainted.

The third soldier looked on towards the scene with awe on his face. The knight approached the soldier and flicked one of his fingers onto his forehead. This was enough to make the soldier lose consciousness and fall backwards onto the ground.

The boy stared at the mighty warrior with pure and innocent wonder. The knight smiled.

The boy led him to his house. A small aboard with one room that contained a bed, a broken cupboard and a stove to cook food on.

On the bed was a woman who seemed young. The boy rushed to the woman and hugged her.

“Mum, I brought your medicine and food” he said.

“Bless you child” she said as she caressed his face “Who is that man?”

“Mum, he is amazing, he protected me from three soldiers without having to swing a sword!” The boy yelped excitedly

“Thank you young man” she said.

“Well, I am a knight and it is my duty to protect my people” he said as he bowed.

“Well I better go fetch some water” said the boy as he ran out of the house enthusiastically.

“How did this happen?” He inquired.

“My husband was in the debt with the wrong people, he was killed by these men” she said “and since his death, we have been tormented everyday, taking our belongings and our food everyday. My boy works hard day to night and they steal most of his livelihood”

“What did they do to you?” he asked.

“I do not want to talk about it” she said.

The boy rushed back in “You will be eating with us, won’t you, mr. Knight?”

“I can’t, boy, I have things to do” he said with a smile on his face.

He walked towards his mother and kept his hand on her forehead and she started glowing green.

“what did you do to her?” the boy asked.

“She will be able to walk again in a few days” said the knight as he left the humble house “I hope you live a good life, kid”


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