Just keep swimming

Strangely enough, the thing that inspired me to keep my pride intact and keep writing was a quote from the most unlikely of places. It is from Finding Nemo, when dory says “just keep swimming”. I don’t know it resonates with me a lot. There are so many motivational speeches out there in movies or real life but the thing that keeps me motivated are three words “just keep swimming”. So every time, I feel like something is impossible, I tell myself to just keep swimming and I keep swimming.

In my writing journey, I have faced countless roadblocks that were either either self-inflicted or caused by external sources.  I am not sure how I continued to write despite that in each and every case but I think it was because of a mindset. A mindset upon which I stumbled by chance but it still something that helped me continue.

Let me tell you my story, a story of isolation and self-acceptance.  I was always the kid who sat alone, never invited to anything that my classmates did, never sought out by anyone, I had nothing going for me really. I was called untalented, unlikable, ugly, useless and  many more  things not just by my peers but even by teachers and family. I did not even get proper English as a first language  as a subject in sixth grade. My parents genuinely worried for my future. They sent me to various classes to look for my talents or hobbies. My teachers put me into various ‘special programs’ that were there for slow learners (I was actually a quick learner, I just was too lazy or bored to study or improve my handwriting). That is how I began, in a completely hopeless state. But there was something that kept me going and it was the belief that I was born for greatness.

I did have something that most people did not have, an active imagination. Even as a child, I was able to build worlds with their own rules and laws, I was able to imagine fights of grand scale, I was able to develop characters more complex than anyone of my age ever could hope to do. I was me and that was a better position to be than to be anyone else. This is the pride that kept me going. I think people see pride as a negative emotion for little reason, it is needed in  order to conjure strength for anything. As long as you remain humble, do not underestimate your contemporaries and treat your inferiors with respect, then pride can easily be a very positive thing to possess.

So how did I overcome life’s challenges? I wrote. Every time I was upset, I wrote, every time I was happy, I wrote, every time felt bored of writing, well that was when I binge watched all the videos of a channel on youtube. Because of this, I never actually had to learn how to write. Everything I incorporate into my writing  today were things that I either tested out myself or learnt from school. And writing also taught me quite a lot of things that benefited me in school.

And now just because I continued writing against all odds , I have written a book that is to launch in a few days, i have written a screenplay, I score the highest marks in higher level English (only in my class but still) and I am considered as one of the most liked students in my class. Six years ago, I couldn’t form proper sentences in English (my first language happens to be Hindi) and now I have a strong enough command over the language to put native speakers in shame (some of them not all, offended guy). Six years ago, my parents worried about my future and now I am one of the only individuals in my family to have decided his career properly. All of this is because I kept going, I kept writing and by trial and error taught myself a language, became proficient in an art form and changed the viewpoint of everyone around me about me.


So a random quote from a pixar movie changed my life forever.


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