The mysterious knight 1: The night at the tavern

In the world of Mercy Of Gods And Men, there are countless stories passed from one generation to another through the word of mouth. One of them is about a mysterious knight that appeared in a city named Hexia five hundred years before Mercy begins from.

It was the coldest winter night that Hexia had ever experienced. Normally, it remained warm throughout the year this far south but this time, winter seemed to have caught up with the people of Hexia. The commoners worked less efficiently through the day and dared not to come out their houses during the night.

However, as most soldiers or drunken fools would know, there was one place that operated even during the coldest of winter nights and that was the tavern. Within the tavern there were very few people present drinking their misery away.

The door opened on rare occasions, admitting scruffy strangers laden with wool to shield themselves from the cold. One of those rare guests was a knight, a knight so radiant that his authority and power could be sensed by even those who could not sense magic. He was a handsome tall man with perfect features, a high cheekbone, an enchanting smile, captivating deep blue eyes and perfectly set black hair. He wore an armor unrecognized by all the strangers gathered in the tavern.

The man sat on the chair next to a table in the middle of the tavern.  It was a seat that was not occupied by anyone until the tavern was full to the brim with visitors. Most people of Hexia believed the seat in the middle of every tavern to be cursed by the spirit of Nahima, the lover who waited.

A servant walked to the mysterious knight.

“You seem to not be a resident of this city, it seems” said the servant.

“I am not” said the knight.

“What would you like, stranger from outside?” asked the servant.

“Do you have wine?” he asked.

“Not for sale. We only sell ale and rum” said the servant.

“But it is there,right? why don’t you give it to me then” he asked.

“N-no, it is only for the owner” said the servant who seemed to want to give a sheepskin full of wine to the man but seemed to resist the urge.

He smiled “You can give me the wineskin, can’t you?”

The man turned around and left to fetch the knight a sheepskin full of wine.

The knight looked to a stranger that sat in the corner of the tavern. He seemed solemn with his head down and his gaze into his ale.

“What seems to be your trouble?” the knight asked.

“Buzz off” said the stranger.

The knight stood up and approached the stranger.

“I can help you” he said.

The stranger burst into tears at that moment which was very unlike the man who seemed to have never shed a tear since his mother died when he was twelve.

“My wife has left” he said “I am a poor and broken man, I am a woodcutter, I work very hard every day. Everyday I spend hours in the woods chopping wood but I never have coin enough to feed my family. My wife and my two daughters. Today, they grew tired of poverty and left me without alone. I love them too much, I miss them too much, what should I do?”

The knight pull the jug of ale away from the man.

“Think without this” he said “You will now go to your house, have a good night of rest and think about it a fresh tomorrow morning. Learn what the merchants do when they receive your wood, and what can you do with that information. Work harder, my friend and everything will fall into place. But for now, rest”

The man stood and nodded before leaving the tavern.

the servant walked up to the knight handing him the sheepskin full of wine.

“Is this an Inn as well?” the knight asked.

The servant nodded.

“Then I shall be staying here” he said as he chugged a large amount of wine into his his throat, he looked around to see strangers in a similar mood as the one that had just left. “But first I have something to do”

He drank a sizable portion of wine again.

to be continued…







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