An advice for aspiring authors

As only five days remain until the launch of my first book:- Mercy Of Gods And Men, I can say that I have gone through almost all of the publishing criteria.  First of all, I would like to acknowledge my publishers:- Pblishing for being a platform so convenient and easy to publish through.

From my experience as an author, I have arrived at this advice for those who also want to be an author:

No matter how good your book is, do not expect overnight success. You must be prepared to fail and to struggle for it.To most people, being an author seems like an easy and fun way to earn money, fame and respect but it isn’t. It is a lot of struggle.

Writing a book is only half the battle that an author has to fight. The author must know a little bit of marketing, because there is only as much a publishing house can do and they must know the limitations and capabilities of graphic design so that they can imagine the cover of their book according to it. If you believe that you just have to write a good book, find a suitable publisher and you are the next JK Rowling, then you are in the wrong.

I do not mean to scare away those that intend to write in future, I only mean to tell you that it is as serious a profession as any other. The more hard work, effort, passion, thought and love you put into it, the better it will fair.

You must also chose whether you write for yourself or for your readers. Obviously the books written for the readers will fare a lot better than one written for yourself, simply because you are giving the readers what they want. However, books written for the readers do not feel genuine and can take away your chance of ever being considered a great author that is read for centuries to come. If you are not that much of an ambitious individual then there is another downside, you will not enjoy it as much. If you don’t enjoy it as much then you will find writing more of a chore then the bliss that its supposed to be. So I suggest writing for yourself first and then for your audience. Which is what I am doing, having written a book of fantasy genre in a country where only love stories sell.

To recap: writing is not an easy job, you must only do it if you absolutely love it because it will require an enormous amount of time and effort to be spent in it.


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