The world of Mercy – Of Gods and Men

The world in my book, Mercy – Of Gods and Men, is vast and diverse containing various different kinds of people of different faiths and allegiances. The world, Tiera contains four continents named after the four cardinal directions but the one that this book focuses upon is the western continent.

Western continent has three kingdoms each with their own unique culture, political system and goals.

The three Empires-

Deiosa to the south, large and strong

Helica to the North West, green and fertile

Luneta to the east, cold and frightening.

in each kingdom, there are a lot of villages and towns of various sizes but each kingdom has a small amount of major cities. Each city has land around it that is entittled to it for expansion and food suply and each city has a lord in charge of it. These lords belong to a family or in this case a house. Each house has their unique way of governance and motto.

Houses in Luneta

House of the moon- the strongest

House of the trade- the wise and rich

House of the blizzard- Together we stand

Houses in Helica

House of the sun- the unbeatable

House of the sea-best for trade

House of Earth- strength personified

Houses in Deiosa

House of God- all hail the king

House of dragon- burn thy enemies

House of the phoenix – believe in strength

House of the pegasus- believe in magnificence

House of the Typhon- where the wise live

House of hydra- trade, money and peace

Mercy of gods and men and it subsequent sequels will focus on the relationship between these kingdoms and their houses as the stories of the three characters build the world of mercy of gods and men.


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