Shattered pride, unbroken will

I was 12 when I started writing my first novel. I used to be so proud of the fact that I could write at such a young age. I used to consider myself better than everyone else. I guess that is a tendency that every child has, the moment when he finds even a shred of talent within himself, they start believing that they are the best not realizing that there are millions of other individuals with equal amount of talent.  Needless to say, this pride was shattered rather quickly. I had given the first draft of my book to one of my friends to read and review and oh boy, the response I got…

I was destroyed by the negative feedback that I received. A quick background:- I wasn’t particularly good at anything other than storytelling, I was average at academics, I always had too weak a body to do sports and music while fascinating me, was something I couldn’t grasp no matter how hard I tried. Finding out about the poor quality of my work tore me apart. I was thirteen and I had an identity crisis, ridiculous notion I know. But that wasn’t the last time I ever wrote. You see, most people would quit trying to write and instead focus on academics hoping that they would get back to writing once more some day. But I am not most people. I am Aditya Bhartiya Mathur and I am the most stubborn person that I have ever met. I always get what I want (unless it directly harms someone else).  I scrapped that series of books, read more than twenty books in a short period of time, researched on how to write and started writing once more.

Mercy – Of Gods and Men is my fourth attempt at writing a book and it is the best work that I have written to this date. I have reached here only because of all those attempts, because I learnt a whole deal lot from each and every book that I wrote. I am now truly proud of what I have achieved today. I have written a book that is due to be published in nine days and I have written a script for a short film that had all around positive reviews. I have certainly grown from that naive 12 year old boy who started writing books to prove his worth and I don’t intend on stopping here.


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